Galactic update: Equinox Love Wave and Personal Activations

Galactic update: Equinox Love Wave and Personal Activations

Dear ones. We are at an incredibly exciting and, if you choose it to be, pivotal moment in yours (our) development. The equinox portal is a time where we are being given the chance to step into our missions (and if we’ve already done that, re-dedicate to them) and, in doing so, help to generate a wave of love that is going to help in a galactic effort to shift the degrees of vibration of Gaia consciousness once again. The information that I am providing is being delivered to me through the Galactic Federation collective, of which I am honoured to be included. I am also making a video about this later today, which I will post upon availability. I have never felt a message was so important that I must share in both formats. As I am being instructed, there are going to be light code activations for those of you wishing to participate in this phase of self development in the information provided in those messages. It is recommended that you view both.

Dear ones, there are multiple places throughout the earth that bear significance to you, your soul’s journey, your people, your missions. We have long discussed the importance of key nodal points on the grids and ceremonial spaces like the pyramids of Giza, Newgrange in Ireland, or Mount Shasta, USA. What gets less discussed are the places of the heart that hold significant energetic power to your soul or meaning for you. This could be a part of your overarching souls’ journey and a piece you had been searching for a long time. In my case, I’m answering a call that I have heard for many years but didn’t hold the keys to understand or handle until now. This could also be a place that you have found great peace and comfort in your life like beloved tree, a waterfall, or mountain.

Many of us have consistently chosen love. We have (or are) diligently worked through our struggles, accepted ourselves, and are here in service to Gaia and all of creation. December 21, 2012 was the end of a cycle, one whose closure created space for so many, myself included, to wake up and connect to our oneness again. According to the Federation, since September, an incredibly large number of humans have stepped up their games and are moving into their missions (even if we don’t always know what that is). We are moving incredibly quickly, and our dedication is a large component to that acceleration. In fact, it couldn’t have happened without us. Though we have an incredible amount of galactic support, this is on our hands and in our hearts. We came here to embody the change.

The past few months have provided multiple opportunities for us to connect to our memories, tap into our skills, and begin collaborating with others. The Equinox is being signaled to me as an incredibly powerful day. I am being shown that those who feel called to this message are to go to their sacred/beloved spots, which are being referred to by the Federation as activation points. If you don’t automatically know where I mean when you read those words, they recommend that you go into meditation and ask your heart where you need to be to connect to your highest version of you on that day. Be patient. You will know the place. When there, get into a meditative state and dedicate yourself once again to your soul’s purpose and surrender to love. For some, that will mean a dedicated act of service with some form of lightworking task. For others, this will mean connecting to their I AM presence. In this act, we will simultaneously receive lightcode upgrades directly related to our next steps. We also act as willing and conscious anchors of love energy into the earth. Thus, we contribute to a love wave.

Part of my role in this is to share pieces like this to coordinate ceremony, provide information about how people can connect to this energy, and to bring people together in conscious cooperation. Stay tuned for more videos about ceremony, sacred spots, and other pieces of this process. For those looking to come together in discussion around these efforts are welcomed to join the Love Wave community that I host here on FB. I also deliver calls to service there on occasion to create space to train/connect/serve.

(Please note that there are another set of activation points that we will be guided to work with on the upcoming solstice, which are related more directly to the new earth grid system. This is a topic that I’ll address in the coming months. Particularly after Equinox, when we will receive information that is crucial to our personal and collective next steps. From that point, big-time coordination for this will be occurring in Love Wave.)

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow IndiCrow Energetic

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