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Ascension Ceremonies Part 1

Ascension ceremonies pt. 1: What are they for and when do we do them?

The upcoming solar eclipse, equinox, and solstice are being widely regarded as moments where we here on earth will be able to utilize increased flows of energy to support our own (and collective) ascension. We understand that these dates are significant, but some of us are left wondering how we can use them and why they are so important in the first place. I have been called to share about how we can use ascension ceremonies on these (and other dates) to support the process. This is the first in a series where I will share about what performing ceremony can mean and how we can use them in service to ourselves and others.

Many of us understand that ceremony has played an important role in countless civilizations throughout history; we know that monuments and monoliths were built, that there were days considered to be special like the solstice and equinox, and that people took great care to observe such dates as part of the preservation of their ways of life. In many instances, our knowledge ends there. Let me begin by saying that there are many different types of ceremony performed for just about every purpose you can imagine; rain, sun, fertility, knowledge, ensure harvest, power relics. Each, of course, being unique and worthy of discussion. In this piece, I’m going to abstract to the energetic principles of what exist behind the practice of doing ceremony. In my humble opinion, it is much easier to conceptualize our own approach to performing one when we understand the principles of what they are used for and why.

A ceremony can be used to harness your intention and focus to bringing about an experience such as energy clearing, growth, or securing safe/efficient passage through seasons. In the case of an ascension ceremony, we are harnessing the energy of alignments to bring about vibrational change within ourselves and, on some occasions, anchoring them very specifically into the earth. We can magnify the impact of our practice by connecting to other people, who can be at the same place or dispersed all over the world. This can include collaboration with elementals, members of our etheric team, the weather, Gaia, and various Galactic beings. Who we work with, why, and when is largely determined by our souls’ journey, our heart, and our positioning.

Returning to the notion of timing. One does not have to wait for a specific date to harness the power of intention and energy we use in ceremony. Rather, it can be done at any time that you feel like you would like to make a dedicated effort to yourself, Gaia, and whatever it is you are working in relation with. I call these moments ‘spontaneous ceremony’, and will describe this process in an upcoming video. As I began this article, there are also marked dates which are known to hold energetic significance. These often coincide with an astral alignment which is dated to mark the transmission of/exposure to energy bodies such as planets or stars or streams. Examples of these dates that we typically observe are the summer and winter solstices (December and June 21), the Lion’s Gate Portal (roughly early August to end of the first week of September), and Equinox (September 23/March 20 ish). Other dates such as lunar and solar eclipses hold importance (we happen to sit between one of each at this moment). The purpose of performing ceremony on these days can be to anchor these energies into ourselves. Those who are so inclined may also use ceremony more specifically call in the highest possible outcome for ascension on earth, energies to aid in this transition, and to specifically choose love as our basic operating vibration. This is where the notion of coordination and collaboration comes in.

As we know, several of these power dates rapidly approach. If we so choose, we may use their energy to bolster our energetic autonomy and further our personal/collective development. In further posts, I will address the vibrational significance of these moments and provide practical information about how to connect to them with a specific focus on Equinox (March 20) and Solstice (June 21). In addition to sharing this series, I have been called to bring people together to preparing for (and do) ceremony on these dates. If you feel so called, please join the Love Wave here on FB :).

I leave you with a song by Rush that came into my heart this morning as I wrote this post. Closer to the Heart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quBCjo2rUZg

Love always,

Katie IndiCrow IndiCrow Energetics

***To facilitate learning and coordination throughout this process, I have created a ‘Love Wave’ collective on FB where people of all knowledge levels may come together in sacred ceremony discussing/sharing space. Some of you know quite a bit about ceremony have been doing them for lifetimes. Others are just new and hoping to learn more about how to connect with your own ceremonial selves. All are welcome in this effort.***



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