• Katie IndiCrow

Securing Highest Possible Outcomes for Children


Last week, I made a video talking about having turned a corner in the process of securing highest possible outcomes for all children. At the time, I had received strong congratulations from the Galactic Federation who were letting me know that my (our) work on freeing children and ending child suppression had experienced a great victory. I made a video at the time proclaiming so but was told to hold off on sharing it widely until I could provide some more grounded and positive examples of this work in our dimension. Well, dear ones, what I was waiting for has revealed itself to me and now I am happy to shout from all rooftops that WE HAVE TURNED A CORNER!!! Today, I offer you my interpretation of the shift and a piece of beautiful law reporting that shows just what love can do when it begins being grounded in action.

Here is my piece, addressing this from a galactic perspective and sharing how we can continue to anchor in highest possible outcomes of safety and love for ALL children:

This announcement from Los Angeles Human Trafficking Task force discussing operation Reclaim and Rebuild made the first week of February, 2017 is a great example of this grounding. Note how at one point the speaker talks about how in the past few years there has been a MAJOR SHIFT in perception of these instances No longer are these kids viewed as ‘bad’ or somehow deserving. Despite the terrible subject matter, this is incredibly heartening to me and I do recommend that you watch it. The language, the phrasing, the composition of the speakers and representatives all says to me that love has found its way into the system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50bUhZRRpvs

Another example is an wide-scale bust happening the last week of January including people all over Canada: http://www.cbc.ca/…/montreal/pedophile-ring-quebec-1.3421648

Slowly but surely, we are finding them. By hook or by crook and in all dimensions, children will be freed.


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