In Service to Those in Service

This one goes out to all the high vibe tribe who move through the motions with their crew. The ones who mirror, the ones who feel, the ones who do the work of love in service to a world they don't always feel a welcomed part of. I see you, I feel you, you matter.

We do this with love, sincerity, and patience because we know where we are going (vibrationally, that is). We trust. We see the light and inspire others to do so in their own ways. As part of this, we experience the joy and reap the rewards of a high vibrational life. That doesn't mean that we too don't move through difficult moments, though. Particularly when those we serve are doing the same.

A lot of energy is shifting with the timelines collapsing and portals opening. The shift is occurring. We have been working hard and long. I felt like it was important to take a moment and reach out to those who have chosen to serve in service. Our collective connection grows ever stronger and as I go about my morning, I am FEELING you and I am feeling it too. That was a big one, this is challenging (albeit a mostly fun challenge). It is ok if you need to go offline for a day here or there to tuck into joy or accept your own upgrades and downloads. By virtue of our very vibration, we are increasingly bringing matters requiring energetic dispersal to the forefront of awareness. It can sometimes feel like a lot. It sometimes is a lot. Honouring ourselves, stepping back, and giving others the space to work and learn is a good thing. (Today, for example, is an excellent day to dedicate to securing your own highest outcome timelines <3)

I want you to know that I love you. That you are doing a beautiful job, and that we are here together. We might still be spread out, but more and more we realize we exist and that we do not have to serve in service alone. I'm looking forward to connecting with more and more of you as our work goes on.

Holding space for those of you who are holding space, today. I see you, I feel you, you matter.

Love always,

Katie IndiCrow


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