• Katie IndiCrow

Lightworker Activation & Ascension Q & A (Feb 10)

Friday, February 10 is an important day for those of us who are ready to take the next steps in our various missions. We have a lunar eclipse, sky stars, and the Leo full moon. It is a chance to energetically dedicate ourselves to ourselves and to surrender once again. I am being called to share ceremony with lightworkers who are ready to take this next step and who feel called to do so with me at this time. This activation session will consist of a channeled message from the Galactic Federation. Together, we will activate another of your mission components/mission streams. After the channeling and activation, I will host an hour of ascension focused question and answering session. We can get into updating techniques, understanding galactic happenings - wherever our hearts lead us. COST: $20 - $30 CAD pay what you can. Please note you may have access to a downloadable copy of our session afterward. Payments are made through paypal. Those wishing to register are asked to contact me directly. When you do so, please provide your email address. All participants will be given access to our online zoom room through this address :)

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