• Katie IndiCrow

Breaking down patriarchal and suppressive energies (again)

In the last few months, I've been playing out the breakdown of old school masculinity as part of my service. Its most recent iteration is relating very specifically to when 'masculine' patriarchal powers were trying to own and suppress the divine feminine and the ways we stand for. If suppression wasn't the answer, they wanted to own us and our power, and have it for their own. This has been manifesting in my life as people trying to 'own' me, people who once actually did try to take my essence in other lives refusing to stop these activities now, displacement of blame of civilizations, and most recently - an expectation for me to answer whatever demands or questions that 'logic' or your 'right' to 'own' what I (we) think requires.

This has been tying in with mystic suppression energies (which I'm sure some of us here have felt).

You see friends. Somewhere deep down in that ideology is a lack of belief in self. A lack of belief in magic. A fear that we, the divine feminine had all the secrets that somehow 'they' can't get. Makes sense, right? This knowledge had to be suppressed for the world to fall dark. And guess what? We don't have them all but those of us who have protected this energy certainly do hold a few of the keys to our liberation. We are so happy to get to integrate with other energies once again.

As we continue to re-emerge and build, we will most likely come into these repressive energies a few more times. Heck, it's part of integration and transmutation. If you are one of the beings who is working through this with me, I want to send you a big hug. It doesn't feel nice to have this played out but it is part of both our and their healing. You owe these people nothing, and I want you to know that. be you, live your heart, and let them play out their dying world in their own consciousness. Use firm no's, set boundaries when you need to, and know that you are loved when you're doing so.

To those expressing this energy toward us: Stop

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