Emerging Atlantis Lines (Ireland, Atlantic Canada, and an activation)

You'll notice that I've been quiet again lately, speaking here or there on my facebook sites about Sirius and sharing photos about various pieces of work I've done hinting that a new story was about to emerge. I was quiet because I was working on listening, learning, and writing. Today, I share the first piece of the emerging knowledge I'm receiving in this video. It contains an activation and some energy downloads. If any of you who were moved by the information herein felt so inclined, I would love to receive any payment or exchange you may wish to share. I have a 'donations' link on the page.

Atlantis and Lemuria have long been regarded as the two most beautiful and advanced civilizations of the earth. Many of us feel a deep connection to them - which in the case of many, are becoming ever more apparent. In this video, I talk about the re-emergence of Atlantean knowledge within the context of ascension and gridworking. I share insights and visions about connections between Atlantis, Ireland, and Egypt.The tribes of Atlantis have scattered the globe, carrying pieces of sacred knowledge in their DNA structures for eons. This video concludes with an ancient knowledge activation and practical tips we can use in connecting to ancient knowledges and rooting them once again to this earth.

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