Anchoring in the New pt. 1

Today I want to take a minute to talk about various ways that we can consciously participate in bringing in and anchoring to higher dimensional reality. In the video, I discuss this in relation to calling in the high vibrational energies for the grids, highlighting the importance of releasing energetic ties to old stories and practices which leave space for energetic back-dooring. Below it, I have included suggestions for bringing in the lovelines through daily practice.

For those wishing to bring in and anchor to love in their daily practice, here are some affirmations you might like to try out:

Today, I connect to love. Today, I connect to my light. Today, I experience joy, peace, and harmony. Today, I share my love and light with the world.

I AM love I AM light I AM balanced harmonics (which is basically, balanced and clear energy) I AM joy I AM enough I AM expressing my soul's path and serving my purpose on earth

I use mine as soon as I wake up and throughout the day when necessary. If I feel myself shifting vibration during the day, I use these phrases to help me connect to the love I wish to experience and share. As you can see, this is super simple. I invite you to adjust them for your own purposes and see how well this works!

#gridwork #dailypractice

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