• Katie IndiCrow

Energy update: Is Everybody In??

I asked for guidance about today and received 3 messages in Jim Morrison form. (more information after Jim's words):

As the last piece concluded, I was welcomed into service to begin anchoring more lines of love, more lines of the new energy and securing our emerging reality. I get the sense that many, many things worked lifetimes for are clicking into place. This is happening. Congratulations, team. We have made it past yet another milestone in our process. As for me? This is unlike anything I've felt on this earth. To quote the Eagles, I've got a peaceful, easy feeling. This is a beautiful day to be in service. Such a true joy in every moment.

Much love, beautiful angels. Choose love. Everything else will eventually crumble.As Jim would say, get on the love bus :) (GET ON THE BUS!!!!!)

#ascension #energyupdate

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