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Ruby Slipper Story Time; A Loving Response to Mother

Mother of Creation and the FCGC at Love Has Won detailed a wave of light being sent from Mother through earth on January 9/10. In this report, Mother announces that a wave of light traveled from her and that all of creation were in awe (link to the post http://www.lovehaswon.org/thedailyplanetaryascensionreport/final-event-energies-update-011017-compression-breakthrough-the-event). This piece is a response from the field relating to and reflecting on this message because participate in awe we did. To Mother, Father, and all of Creation – WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Thank you for what you are doing, and thank you to all at Love Has Won.

One of the things that I get to do in service right now is hear and share stories. Being exposed to this many experiences provides a unique place from which to see potential interconnections and draw insights about the multilayered and incredibly complex process occurring now. I’d like to share some of the events related to the 24 hours leading into January 11, 2017 with you now because I feel it’s important to celebrate the miracles that pepper the beautiful moments in this process.

The evening of the 9 and into the 10, it became clear that an influx of energy was to occur. That evening, I stayed awake most of the night anchoring in energies. There were a few moments of deep purging yet the overall tone of the experience was lovely, warm, and soft. On the morning of the 10, I woke up from a very short sleep with IRELAND in my heart. It felt like a seal had been lifted and a huge wave of joy. I received a vision about the divine feminine energies of that land being unfettered and saw a strong shot connecting the land from where I stood to Glastonbury and off through some key points in the UK. I witnessed a large flow of energy moving in that direction.

Feeling that was significant, I came online to see if any of my contacts had noticed anything. There were, indeed, two messages. One was from an Irish gridworker reporting a HUGE woooosh of energy that took her to her knees. Another from a gridworker near Liverpool (I believe) who wanted to share a vision. He said that at around :630-7 uk time, he was called in to meditation. While there, he witnessed a massive wave of light coming from Ireland that wooshed through. His vision included me surrounded by ancient symbols, which made him associate it with my work. His positioning of receiving the energy, notably, includes a right angle with the earth.

Sound familiar? Mother. We FELT YOU <3

In the aftermath, I began receiving messages from people in the region about Avalon, the Grail, and various aspects of uncovering our true histories which had been buried under lower vibrational energetic resonance and Cabal lies. I get the sense that not only has this wave helped to recalibrate the grids (as I shared yesterday), it has brought with it the clearing that we needed to further re-invigorate the connections to ancient knowledge that are being increasingly uncovered. This makes sense with some of the other work that has been happening around clearing of religious and sexual suppression, slavery, and domination. Put into the context of these other stories, I see this wave as being a recalibration, but also a clear-out and tool for ignition/illumination.

Part of why I felt it was important to share this with you is to help us all see that it is fun to recognize the interconnections of our work AND to marvel at this process. It also helps us understand things in a more multi-layered way. The idea that what we have to share isn’t valuable, or that it doesn’t matter is a holdover of programming, as is the notion that we are here doing this ‘alone’. The message that started this whole spark for me came from a person who thought his information was silly who couldn’t understand why he was sending it. Neil, it wasn’t silly. It was a beautiful thread in this little tapestry.

So, my friends, let’s talk about it. Let’s make those connections. Let’s share our stories. Let’s rejoice. This process is miracle laden. I don’t know about you, but I love to smell the roses.

In loving co-creation, Katie IndiCrow

Katie IndiCrow


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