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January 10 update: Calibrating the grids

This is a 2 parter, one written earlier this morning and another just now.

Pt.1 (written around 10 am AST): : Energy update: IRELAND IS COMING ONLINE!!!!!!Still happening. MASSIVE heart palpitations and then WOOSH. Woke from my sleep with Ireland in my mind and pulsing through my body. Reports confirmed with a dear friend on the ground there who experienced a similar sensation.I'm receiving information about a connection point on to Glastonbury (the one I'll travel in a few months) has also connected with new strength. We are lining up, and this is soooo good.More to come. Anchoring with all I have. LOVE TO IRELAND <3

Pt:2 (written at 545 pm AST)

ENERGY UPDATE pt. 2: And it keeps on coming!

Friends. We are bringing in and anchoring energies to all grids, and at this time I'm feeling a lot of shifting with our magnetic grids. My attention has been on Gaia and the cyrstals for some time now, so this is a bit of a switch up for me. Kryon says that this is an adjustment to the electromagnetic frequency that is occurring (among other things); we had to clear out the others in order to be able to complete the transitionary stage we are moving through at this time.

If you've ever worked with a lodestone, it feels like my body has pretty much turned into one. i have been anchoring/adjusting for almost 24 hours now, with significant influxes occurring throughout the evening last night (more purging for Gaia), overnight, into the morning and here we are, still at it. Reports from Meghan Andrews in the field say she's feeling a pretty different movement energy wise as well.

Lisa Brown also created an update talking about crystals and energy activation of vortexes. I know some are on Gaia specifically as well. Seems like a great alignment is occurring. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!! (Kryon says we are calibrating which makes a lot of sense with how things are feeling.)

I am getting beautiful reports from people around me about personal breakthroughs, the break down of paradigms/illusion, peace and inner harmony, and a lot of BUZZZZZZZZZ with the flow. People who have not ever paid attention to this 'energy stuff' are finding they can no longer ignore its impact on their lives/the world around them. Things ARE changing. We ARE raising the vibration of earth and now it's starting to trickle into the general population awareness :) YES!

Stay in love, beautifuls, and remember to drink a lot of water. It helps. Yoga. Meditation. Love. Food. Patience. Whatever you need for yourself, take it.

I am heavily into this so responses may be slow for another day or so to those hoping to get in touch <3.

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