Introduction to Energy Work (4 wk program)

As this whole ascension thing has picked up, I am contacted regularly by emerging lightworkers and up and coming energy workers who are seeking information about how to deal with basics of energy practice. Many of you are in a unique position because BAM – you’ve woken up, you’re feeling very sensitive with the rapidly moving energy, and you also know you want to be part of it in one way or another. In other cases, energy workers who had been awake for some time are feeling the strong call to PARTICIPATE NOW!!! Some as lightworkers, other as practitioners, and often times with a leaning towards both :)

In response to and in service to you, I have created this 4 week training program that covers over what I consider to be the key, core basics that make connecting to and refining your newly emerging skills fun and manageable. Together, we cover everything from how to decode/understand various ‘body’ symptoms like: food changes, pain, lethargy; how energy bodies work including chakra and auric system; energy detection and management basics to help sort out increased sensitivity to environments and people; and connecting with your team.

Cost: $111 CAD

Here is a basic outline of the program. Each week includes practical, hands on methods that you can apply in your day to day life.

Week 1: Energy body basics (chakra system, meridians, and interpreting signs from our bodies)

Week 2: Energy body basics (aura, auric fields, and energy transmission)

Week 3: Sensory development and management (‘yours or mine’ for empaths, how to develop your ability to read energy, using tools like tarot cards and gemstones)

Week 4: Working with your team (guides and the role they play in our lives, how to connect with them, how they speak to you, and basic intro to channeling)

Format: The class will take place online, in a private discussion group. As many of you connected to me know, we stand much to learn by being given the space to ask questions and be heard. For that reason, these classes will be small and managed as an intimate environment. Each week is a new ‘unit’. For each ‘unit’, I will post a new video (60 minutes ish). Throughout the week, we will host discussion on the topic at hand.

I will also host a live q and a session at the end of our class where students can get real time feedback and share insights gained throughout the course. It will be like our end of the year pizza party (and I encourage you to eat treats while we do it). Date for first class: February 3, 2017. To register or for further information contact me at, through my facebook site, or through my personal website. Class size to remain small for intimate enviornment :)

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