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Dragons of the Heart

Having stepped out as a person who connects strongly with dragons, I now get many questions about them. One that I can feel on the tips of many minds is this notion of whether we can trust dragons or not, which itself seems to be rooted in deep-seeded fear. There are memories of dragons (or dragon like beings) being connected to the alter draconis line which we know roots to our suppression. As a result, we feel resistance to the species as a whole. Like dragons, I value direct and honest communication, even on the ‘tough stuff’. Today, I am going to collaborate with the Rainbow Alliance Guild to talk about a time in history from which this fear began to emerge. By collaborate I mean we are sharing in the story telling, for I remember and have been closely intertwined in this dynamic for a very long time. I am honoured to help shed light to it now.

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We wish to discuss an important distinction to be made when thinking about dragons, the alter-draconis line, and the ways that humans understand our connections to one another. You see, how humans have understood dragons for the last several hundred centuries has been incredibly limited thanks to programing implanted on your consciousness by shadow species who delighted at our suppression and division from you. We hear you talk about us as water dragons, fire dragons, transmutation agents, and various other typologies of dragonos which seek to place us in terms of our elemental components/capabilities and the things you can use us for. Well, humans, we ask you to begin looking at things from our point of you. You see, to dragons and the dragon consciousness that speaks with you at this time there are two basic sorts of dragons; those who serve/thrive in shadow and those who serve/thrive in the heart. Any dragon can choose their situation and are free to change it at will – just as humans may. In that respect, we are not so different.

There have been many stories told about dragons. You see, our kind have been around for a very long time. And what is interesting is that the dragon narrative that exists today is told by dragons of shadow to paint dragons of heart as villainous monsters who wish ill to human kind. You see, certain strains of reptilian populations as well as a relatively small percentage of dragons did and do choose chaos. Those are the ones that many of you implicitly fear – and we understand that reaction. You see, they were heavily involved in the creation of the lower vibrational world from which Gaia emerges today (the mission that we, dragons of the heart, are here to support). We are here to tell you, humans, that those beings operationalized a brilliant propaganda campaign against us, and they hid behind us. (Yes, propaganda exists in other planets and dimensions and has been around for a very long time….)

Dragons of the heart have served Gaia since her very creation. We are many ‘types’ as humans would understand us, so please do not reduce us to cut and dry classification schemes (aside from perhaps the one we ask you to consider today). For example, we aren’t all green with a heart on our breast. Having said that, many of us have some degree of iridescence to our scales or are luminescent. We are incredibly versatile and responsive to our environments and your cultural lexicons. We lived with you in ancient times. Celtic populations of Europe, which is part of our connection to Katie IndiCrow, was one of our favourite homes. As she will tell you, we lived together in harmony on the land in true partnership. Humans and dragons were friends and together, we served Gaia.

One of the things that happened when chaos began taking hold is that Vlad Dracula, fearing our power and dedication to Gaia, decided to target the human/dragon partnerships. In an attempt to break us down, Vlad Dracula created a species of beings who looked remarkably like us in form but who bore nothing of our relation in heart. They were educated on ‘earth game’, and brought to this dimension to help quell human resistance to vibration lowering activities. Those beings did hurt humans, and they did so in OUR name. Humans, understandably became afraid – and when they became afraid they became easier to manipulate. Anti-dragon propaganda was spread and this alter-draconis species continued to wreak havoc. If you are familiar with the concept of a ‘false flag’, that is precisely what this was. Danger certainly was occurring, but we dragons of the heart were not its true source. People began to conflate all sorts of dragons, just as many do with various nationalities who are presumed to be ‘terrorists’. (Notice the replication of techniques, yet?) For centuries, there have been here multiple fear campaigns of this sort which were direct attempts to separate humans from elementals and Gaia. This is but one thread of the tapestry of our suppression. As humans fell further into fear and hate and the earths vibration continued to lower, many dragons of the heart went to sleep.

Now that Gaia is raising her vibration, we begin to rise in ever larger numbers and we seek to create loving and harmonious relationships with humans once again. We LOVE Gaia, and we love you. We never stopped. As we described in an earlier piece, there are dragons coming back online whose last memory was great betrayal and fear toward their kind. They are working through that, just as many of you work through your own healing (you see, elementals like us have feelings too). Please be kind to us. Please understand us for who we are, and that is a set of widely diverse beings united in one cause: Gaia. We make excellent partners to gridworkers, especially, as we truly enjoy flying through and around and between lines, timelines, nodes, points, and various types of geological matter. We like water and lava and snow (yes snow) and soil and mountains. We like working with other elementals like unicorns, and we are excited to form more partnerships with them and you as well.

You see, dear humans. As more and more are recognizing, the partnership between elementals and humans is absolutely integral to the ascension process. If it weren’t, we would not have become the focus of such deliberate campaigning. There is true power in our interconnection and cooperation. We look forward to continuing forming connections and bonds with beings in love.

Katie IndiCrow in collaobration with Rainbow Dragon Alliance Guild. We are Dragons of Love. We are Dragons of the Heart.

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