High vibes, triggers, and transmutation

Personal share time. A direct reflection on this beautiful piece by Anastacia Kompos. I actually tried to write about this yesterday and couldn't. Now that I've read her offering - boom: Following the pattern Anastacia talks about here, through solstice my perception of work and the scope of where my energy goes have changed a lot. When people in my line go through something - i automatically take it on as a form of transmutation. If I love you, heck sometimes if I've even met you two times, I FEEL you when you are in your moments and I am there with you, often working <3. Our souls agreed we would do so for ascension. When people send me messages, as soon as I read them the energy shifts and I know many of you can attest to that. In the Astral I am burning off excess everything being released. (Most particularly spiritual ego, 3d patriarchy, and suppression techniques.) What a trip.

How does this happen: In the case of soul family I usually do the work when they are talking to me, or in the depths of pain and their souls have cried for help. Messages from people seeking advice - that's obvious. You're writing and asking. With people in the world it has been transmuting the old shit my messages bring up in them to be healed. A lot of high power spiritual ego particularly has come my way as I've trusted the channels with the Galactic Federation to share. We are triggering you (though I never realize it until after and I can feel the low vibes being unintentionally sent my way through their very emergence). So yes. At times it has felt like I was being attacked and I was tempted to fall into the victim role here but I stopped. And I thank Anastacia for writing this because her doing so and my reading her work just cleared a block for me like I do others. (Here is her article: http://in5d.com/energy-update-old-stuff-coming-through-from-others-owning-our-new-empowerment/)

On an agreed upon soul level, I am drawing the unfinished toward me to be finished, integrated, and transmuted at some levels. I am a free will person, so it has been weird for me experience this, as sometimes I have felt that the element of choice (is it OK for me to move this energy and is this a task I want to do) is being removed. As I write now I am told it's agreed upon at a level that holds precedence to where I am now. It is ok, the GF says, because I'm transmuting that which is brought up for release, never going into a persons body and retrieving or shifting. (Ok, I like that.). We are moving forward and i have stepped forward as a beacon of transmutation and inspiration. That I agreed to. Others whose energy I feel and shift have agreed to rise and chose love. This is not an easy place to hold BUT it is neat and I'm working on learning what there is to share about it and how to manage it better.

So how do I (we) handle this? Step one for me is to not be a victim. In these cases I am not being attacked intentionally but I am feeling really heavy waves that could be viewed as such. Thanks to the clearing this piece provided for me I see this as a choice. I know other people are doing it too and they are out there sharing and helping us get through the needle. So now I'm going to let you out there know: please own your shift: If you feel the onset of extreme emotions after reading my work (or anyone serving this way) we feel you. Your energy is moving toward us. You can help us all get through it by moving back to love as quickly as possible when you get off the Centre. Triggers are important and all of us need to do and feel and be. If we have evoked something than we have done our jobs. So please do yours and return to love as quickly as possible. If you let off a lot of steam, please remember to send gratitude and love afterward to help boost us back up! All emotions are felt and so just as i feel the crap i also feel your love when i evoke that. All the understanding ripples (though I can't always place them since it is being directed by another facet of my multidimensional self). We are in this together, beautiful souls. And I understand that on another level once again this morning.

I love you. I am here in humble service. Thank you for choosing love.

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