December 26: Energy waves like woah

At around 4 am on December 26 I got called into ceremony. I created a grid and performed some earth magick and connected to Gaia. It is time, I was told. Another huge wave of light was to be brought in, and I was once again being asked to anchor it into every grid point I'd ever walked in any life. That's a lot of points. I reinforced the love field, and helped to ensure that we kept things high vibing and untenable to any attempts at rattling our peace and harmony. (I believe Alexandra Meadors released a video about that aspect if it's of interest to you.This is an important story, but not the one I need to tell here.)

By 4:30, I was acting as a conduit for an incredible wave of ascension energy that came to me it felt like many waves pulsing one after the other, working through various parts of the earth's energy system to clear and anchor in with new energies. It was intense. So intense that I alternated between pacing, crying, sitting, kneeling, standing, and found great comfort in placing crystals under my feet which I had rubbed with lavender. This was a big one, and I am still in recovery mode. I suspect that many are feeling it today in one way or another. I can't quite tune into the collective at the moment as I am still holding the line.

As I experienced the wave, I was told that another phase was complete. That we had reached another step in successfully shifting the vibration/consciousness of earth.

Good job, everyone <3. Thank you for choosing love. A special thank you goes out to the dear gridworkers in my life who were ready to JUMP into service with full hearts at the moment that I/we/Gaia needed them most. Your dedication to earth and your support to me are deeply, deeply appreciated. It is so good to be part of a team with you.

Katie IndiCrow

#ascension #gridwork #grids

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