ENERGY UPDATE, 12/22/2016

Integration, integration, integration. At this stage of the game I feel like a lot of people are oscillating between that Frozen Song, "Let It Go" and CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON! In this post, I'm going to cover over a bit of what is happening with the grids, the waves of light, and how the increasing vibration is being anchored in within and without. It's all connected and this is phenomenal.

As a gridworker, I have been anchoring in the energies and creating a love-field around Gaia to help us through our transition. I was doing a lot of work in dreamtime with my multi-dimensional selves the night of the 20 and into the 21. I was woken at about 6:25 to prepare for the work in this dimension. We pulled ourselves together. At precisely 644 am yesterday (the time of solstice where I'm at), my crows began cawing and I joined with them and the whales to spread and anchor (direct) some of the waves we are receiving into where we needed them to go. There has been a lot going on which I'll express more fully in another post when it is time. I know that others are out there doing their own version of this. To them - I want you to know that the Galactic Federation is incredibly impressed, that we are doing fantastic. They remind us to hold the line of LOVE, for that is the key to everything. We know this. We are not done yet. (The gridwork I speak of is but one perspective of many about what is occurring.)

The waves of light that so many had predicted are now in full effect. They are being documented all over the place and even in the eyes of what is relied upon a s 'real' science. What does that mean for us here on earth? Well. For one thing, we are once again FEELING IT! As we will soon see, many people have just been brought to awareness. Notice any people who were so not into these matters all of a sudden waking up to love? I have. For them, this is really beautiful and soft and pink. Others are moving into what is called dark night of the soul - the good news is that if they get real with themselves and focus, they can move through a heck of a lot quicker than did those of us who were dealing with it in the past decades. For others, this is a time of toothpaste tube squeezing where the final bits of residual crap from this and other lives is being brought up for review. Many people are tapping into their soul and star families and becoming acquainted with their souls’ purpose. In pretty much all cases, we are moving into a new state of awareness of the power of love, the role of CHOICE, and our ability to shape our experience and through that, change the world.

I cannot impress enough the importance and strength in choosing love. This is a time where we are being given the grace of accelerated vibration lifting. It is a CHOICE that we all have to make. Our choices are anchors of the light.

I remain in deep service.

Thank you for showing up. Thank you for being in love.

Katie IndiCrow

#ascension #choice

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