Solstice/gratitude giveaway draw

**This draw is separate from the one I've shared on facebook. Please do not enter both**

One of the most important parts of working through the massive waves of energy we've been experiencing is GETTING TO KNOW YOUR CHAKRA SYSTEM!!! In response to this, I created a self-study course earlier this year called GET BALANCED. In it, students learn about what their chakra system is, how energy flow/blocks are created (and how to fix them), and how to bring balance and harmony into their lives through fostering that connection.

I know that right now, MANY people are waking up and becoming aware of just how important knowledge of their energy system is. This course is what I consider to be 'MUST KNOW' knowledge. In response to the excitement of this time and in preparation for the solstice and what lies beyond, I am offering this information up for FREE TO 5 OF YOU!!!! (I'll link more description of it below). JUST EMAIL ME WITH YOUR ENTRY AND I WILL ADD YOU IN THE DRAW TAKING PLACE TONIGHT

MATERIAL: This is a self-study energy class that you can take at your own speed. It is designed it this way so that students can get to the material as time and life allows. While this is a self study class, Katie is available to students for support and question answering through email as they move through the material. The class consists of two units which are best consumed in 2 weeks. Each unit consists of a 1 hour digital lecture led by Katie as well as a set of energy exercises and techniques that you can use to help decode your own flow.

In the first unit, Katie discusses the basics of your energy system, explaining how energy enters and exits our bodies, its connection to thoughts and emotions, and some practical ways to keep it flowing clear and without obstruction. The exercises for this unit are designed to help you identify and track these factors, which is helpful to you in understanding which parts of your energy system require balancing.

In the second unit, Katie offers various techniques that they can use in their day to day lives to get and stay balanced. The exercises offered in this section are practical, in the moment techniques that you can use to bring balance when it is needed.

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