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Beautiful angels, today is a day that makes my heart feel like it might explode with joy: GEMINI FULL MOON. Yayyyy! One of the most important things that this moon tells us is that CONNECTING TO JOY, LOVE, and each other is an important part of creating lives filled with magic here on earth. Geminis (like me) are all about communication, and a moon like this timed as it is suggests sudden shifts, new openings, and in some cases, closures.

This is our last full moon of a 9 year and it is occurring within the framework of the 12/21-21/12 portal. What does that mean? Simply put, this moon has some C-L-O-U-T to help us finish off important tasks and phases of growth. We know that full moons tend to coincide with phases of letting things go and this one is no exception. If there's a habit, person, job, energy stick, or thoughtform you've been working to release, today is a great day to do so.

SO HOW DO WE DO THAT? For me, it usually involves ritual.

To create your own very simple moon ritual, I recommend that you clean your practice space and then get cozy in it. Set up candles, incense, your favourite gemstones, your wands, your cards - whatever it is that you feel adds value and presence to your practice. Get some peaceful and/or powerful music flowing (I love Liquid Bloom for my practice), and allow yourself to connect in. Relax, meditate, and allow your mind to review all of the things that have gone on this year (and moon cycle). What have you learned? What have you grown? What needs to be let go of?

As you identify that which no longer serves you, write it down on a piece of paper. As you do the writing, focus on allowing the energy connected to whatever it is you are releasing to flow onto the page and 'rest' there. When you are done writing down that which no longer serves you and allowing the energy to pool, give thanks for the lessons and the people and instances who brought them to you. When you are done with that - BURN what you have written. As you burn, visualize the energy associated with that lesson or thing you're letting go of being shifted and redistributed back to the universe in love.

What have been some of your biggest lessons this year? For me, it was that I am NEVER alone, nor do I ever have to be <3

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