12/11-12/12 Stargate Energy Update

Originally posted 12/11 on Indicrow Energetics: https://www.facebook.com/lightemissary1111/

Beautiful angels. We are in the throws of another incredibly powerful energy shift. Friday brought with it our entrance into another stargate and further streamlining onto our new timeline. (I'll speak more about that tomorrow.) TODAY, we are entering through another huge wave. The 12/12 portal is active, we've got the Gemini full moon on the 13 and the solar flares are waving in. ARE YOU FEELING IT? I know I am.

So what are the symptoms today? I myself am receiving constant downloads and can feel my crystalline blueprint aligning with the energy waves which are bringing the planetary frequency ever higher. It's making me feel like throwing up and my brain is fuzzy. Other people are reporting feelings of sadness, suicide, and anger. If you are as well, PLEASE remember to reach out - you do not have to go through this alone.

My best advice is surrender to this process, practice self love, and do what we can to be/feel connected. This IS in line with what we wanted, this is part of the ascension process, it is bringing us to a more beautiful existence. Ground, eat, sleep, cry, dance, hug, do whatever you need to do and do not beat yourself up for needing a few extra moments to yourself.

Sending lots of love with this post. If you wish to receive a wave of unicorn pink light from it, you can. Just set the intention to receive and you will. I've made it an active energy portal for those who wish to experience that.

Also, I made this video a while ago for circumstances just like this. Check it out and learn how to work with the unicorns more closely throughout your healing.



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