service charge reduction for ascension support sessions

I have decided to lower the price for the ascension support sessions to a sliding scale of $60-80 CAD, pay as you can/see fit. I am also now offering 30 minute sessions for a flat rate of $45. People are struggling and I am working to make myself accessible to a wider range by doing this.

*package rates are available and priced at a sliding scale which is negotiated depending on issue and means*

Session description:

With the recent ascension energies being placed into the planet, more and more people are waking up to the true beauty that is their soul. They’re waking up to their potential, they are starting to do the self work, and they are starting to raise their vibrations (ascend). Many others are furthering their path, moving ever deeper into the spiral that is their healing.

This process is beautiful, yet has the potential to bear great pain and sadness as we move through our darkest depths to offer them light, understanding, and love. It’s also exciting, because many of us often also experience the development or expansion of extrasensory abilities. In these sessions, I use intuitive counselling and energy balancing techniques to provide support to people experiencing their energetic changes. This could include working through physical pain, feelings of unworthiness, and most importantly the path toward self love and understanding. It also includes working through karmic ties and releasing that which no longer serves you. I also help clients learn how tap into their creative connection with energy (for more specific skills training see services tab).

These sessions are also great for those who are further on their awakened paths who are trying to work through 'sticks' of various sorts. They're also great if you're looking for a reconnection to your self/skills and/or some learned perspective on a path/mission related perspective. Karma questions are also addressed in these sessions.

The format of these sessions is dependent on the client, their objectives, and their energy bodies. Typically, they occur online through zoom or skype. As part of this session, you WILL receive action points and practical suggestions to foster/embody further healing in your day to day life.

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