Karma clearing pt. 4 Choosing to Change

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Beloved friends. It has been a while since I first brought up insights around karma clearing during Lion’s Gate and into September. At the time, I had been gifted with a karma clearing ceremony and embarked upon my own journey of review which led me to important insights such as “what I was doesn’t matter, it’s who I AM that counts”, that 9-9-9 and subsequent portals had eliminated the very basis of many outdated relationships/agreements, and that it was indeed ok to shed ties that no longer make sense. The most recent set of portals originating with 11/11 has created another large ripple wave of healing with the power to bring us ever further down our ascension paths. Working through this energy has inspired another installment in the series (see end of article for links to the first three parts).

One way I get information is moving through shifts and changes myself, observing and gathering information throughout the process. Cutting through this particular line I have been given the chance to clear out old relationships, complete missions, and identify that which I chose to honour at a rapidly accelerated pace. As sharing this process has shown me, this has been happening for many in the first wave. As others continue to make their vibrational ascent to 5d, a similar process will occur.

Those of us who have been around a long time will likely have more ties to earth stories to clear than souls who are relatively new. I’m seeing a lot of older souls carrying significant loads that they are reticent to release due to fear of failing others. Dear friends, what I say next is directed most specifically to you.

One thing that I have been noticing throughout all of this is that the dissolving of energies related to 9-9-9 and subsequent portals has most definitely created space for release/convergence and completion of karma. What is has not done, however, is eliminated our attachment or patterned response to timelines, energy stories, or roles that we have once had. What do I mean by that? Simply put, we have not stopped playing out the motions. The story is over, but we’re still showing up. We have forgotten that some of those things we used to do, like taking responsibility to carry the burdens or weight of certain others, are no longer necessary. As I said in pt 2 of this series, holding on to these roles for too long can restrict the ability of those whose loads we were lifting to gain the knowledge/experience/vibrational raising of moving through that process themselves. As I see it, CHOICE is a key part of waking up. It’s also integral to entering the 5th dimension. In this sense, choosing to step away from the narrative attached to these older roles and energy stories is an important part of leaving space; so is the choice to accept/create the new.

As we enter the end of this 9 year, many first-wavers are currently undergoing this review and in the coming months/years, many more will enter the same process. If we have pent up grief related to perceived failure or hurts as we shift into 5d, the process will force us to release it. As some of us have been experiencing, this can feel much like being squeezed like an empty tube of toothpaste. During this time, we experience triggers and moments of emotional turmoil, more changes and choices, and in some cases, physical illness (I vomited with a wave for the first time ever moving through this). Some experiencing this are wondering if they’ve been knocked down the ascension ladder somehow. Fear not - these waves are helping us to review/release/revisit yet another time. As we go through this round, dear ones, allow yourselves to release the burdens that are rooted in old energetic stories. It’s ok to do so. We are longer here to save earth. That’s already been done. We’re here to co-create a new one. And the best part about it? All we have to do this time is live in alignment with our highest selves. The rest will flow from there.

Love always,

Katie IndiCrow

Katie IndiCrow is a gridworker, energy teacher, and aligner. For access to her full body of work and more information on current offerings/work visit her facebook page, IndiCrow Energetics: https://www.facebook.com/lightemissary1111 or her fancy new webpage:


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