Feeling tweaked? This one's for you

Hi, everyone. This message is for those of you out there who are feeling like...well....crap. I'm getting reports of feelings of anxiety, depression, panic, ungroundedness, and I get a sense also energetic confusion. You are not alone. Take a few breaths with me before we move on. Connect yourself energetically to love, and secure there. Ok. Now we can move on.

Guys. I'm going to be very flat out here. Ascension effing hurts sometimes. While so many of you are facing that aspect inside of yourselves right now, we're also doing it writ large with our societies. Not to mention the fact that Gaia is purging. Everything IS changing and a lot of it is happening at a level that we cannot see with our eyes.The good news is, there are many people who are reliably and honestly writing about the waves and how to deal with them. Heart shared Information is an excellent tool to unlocking the keys to what we're experiencing. For many of us, we're being squeezed like an almost empty tube, with all of our personal sludge being dredged up for change - not to mention cellular level adjustments.I think once we understand it a bit better, we'll know how to deal with it more effectively within (and outside of) ourselves.

Here are some articles from Love Has Won that hold the keys to what some of you are feeling right now: http://www.lovehaswon.org/ascended-master-teachings/quan-yin-phase-of-chaos



As I have come to learn in myself over the years. when I have high shifts it is because a) I am healing or b) I am working and sometimes c) all of the above. It's been a 'c' week. I highly recommend that those of you wishing to figure your patterns out or to trace them more effectively write an energy journal. Even a few sentences a day mixed with some research about weather and energy can help you REALLY see what is happening with you.

Any time you feel yourself slipping into fear, remember to connect an energy cord to love. Anchor there. And breathe. Never forget to breathe. In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

I close this post by saying that if you feel like you need to speak to a psychologist, physician or other Western specialist to double check on diagnosis,treatment, or coping strategies - do not feel like you're copping out.

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