Anchoring in Ascension Energies (and why does it feel so weird?)

Hi, everyone. This is a video that I made back in May shortly after the ascension waves we are experiencing sped up. In it, I talk about some common symptoms of going through spiritual change such as feeling uncomfortable, sick, and frustrated. I'm sharing it again today because I sense that many of you are going through a similar process now. As one student asked me today, why do I feel worse if this is supposed to be helping?

This is the first in a series of several videos I will make on the topic. Grounding in spiritual change is a multifaceted, multi layered process and I am dedicated to helping seekers understand it :) (I get to the 'meat' of the topic just after discussing astrological components that were in play at the time. Though the conditions have shifted, I recommend you listen to get a better understanding of how planetary and star alignments influence our experiences.)

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