Today, I am so happy to offer you some information about some of my favourite elemental beings - UNICORNS! I've been working with them for a number of years. Lately, they've been asking me to share more about what they do and how they can help us through our ascension journeys. In this video, I describe their role as being harbingers of joy and deep emotional healing (exactly what we're needing after the energetic shake up of the last few months). I also provide tips on how people can create their own unicorn connection, bringing their special magical power and love into their own healing practice.

Sorry that there is no video with this one - the power of the unicorns I was channeling was so strong that my audio/video did not line up at all. I liked the way the message was delivered, so I thought I'd go with this pic of a unicorn that reminds me a lot of the one I work with :).

Have any of you met your unicorns yet?


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