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Mirroring and Being a Mirror: How Much of What I See in You is Me?


Real talk for a moment. Sometimes people use spiritual ideas like 'free will', 'mirroring', and 'unconditional love' in ways that do not fully extend the principle which results in an uneven application of the idea (which can contribute to ongoing energetic discord). An example: The phrase that "Your reaction to me/this is a reflection of what is in you" stated in a such a way as to suggest that if you see something you do not want to engage with, it is always somehow intrinsically 'yours' . That's right, but I feel there is a dimension of this discussion that gets lost along the line somewhere, with people focusing on one prong of the internal aspect of mirroring. Let's extend this notion of mirroring for a moment by considering other dimensions of how this process works.

CERTAINLY, there are times when people act as mirrors for our internal growth. In them, we see bits we need to work on within ourselves. Another level of mirroring that gets less talked about is what I am very simply referring to as the ‘external’ bit. What do I mean by that? Sometimes, people act as mirrors to show us what we need to change about our ‘external’ realities such as the hobbies we partake in, people we associate with, and treatment we allow ourselves to receive. In this sense, sometimes when we are uncomfortable or need to enact a boundary, we are experiencing the behaviours, attitudes, and/or tendencies that we simply DO NOT wish to have as part of our lives. Here, we are still experiencing mirroring, but in a very different way.

Our journeys are going to have moments of learning that feel uncomfortable where we go deep inside of ourselves and see the bits we'd consider to be 'ugly'. We love them, forgive them, and become the best versions of ourselves that we can be. Journeys are also about going into our lives, our connections, and exploring/improving those vibrations that colour our day to day experience. After all, part of the reason we remain in the cycles that damage us is because we remain surrounded by people/places/things that pump that vibration. You’re familiar with the phrase ‘as within, so without’? Same idea here. As we change the vibrations of what we engage in within ourselves, it is natural that we adjust the tones of our interactions and surroundings.

My best advice to you? When you come into a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable you need to ask yourself why. Is it because you’re seeing a part of you that you are ashamed of or that you’d like to change? Or is it because you do not vibrationally match what is going on? Is that discomfort a bodily signal to get out of there? (And yes, it is possible to answer yes on both accounts.)

Being real with yourself is KEY here. So is being able to come into line with open communication with yourself so that you know who you are and how you feel. Once you start opening up to yourself it becomes incredibly easy to discern those internal and external dimensions of experience. After all – you create your own reality and nobody knows your truth like Y-O-U.

Love always,

Katie IndiCrow

Katie IndiCrow is an energy aligner/healer, gridworker, writer, and teacher. See ‘offerings’ of ‘classes and events’ at www.indicrowenergetics.com for more information on her available services.

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