Shifting Timelines and Flexible Missions


We have been experiencing rapid acceleration and shifting timelines as a result of the work so many of us have been doing. GOOD JOB!!! Amidst all these shifts, we are going to need to remember to remain flexible and to be open to change, within and without.

One of the big ways the timelines have impacted my mission is that I've actually been released from my trip to Salem in order to do other work (and contribute to that piece) from where I am in NS. And you know what? That's ok! If any of you feel the shifts, I want you to know that it is ok to be flexible, it is ok to make change, and it is ok to adjust. In fact, it's what we gotta do!

Love always,

Katie IndiCrow

Katie IndiCrow is an energy aligner/healer, gridworker, writer, and teacher. See ‘offerings’ of ‘classes and events’ at for more information on her available services.



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