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We’re Moving Through a Major Transition Here on Earth

On Spiritual Remuneration (The Green Elephant in The Room)

I write today to address an imbalance that I see cresting around me which is arising due to lack of communication. It’s an awkward topic to address and this post has probably been the hardest I’ve done yet. All the more reason to write it, right? Such an important part of growing and changing is being able to communicate and hear difficult truths, which is what I am being guided to do today. This post is about money, friends, and exchange for spiritual service.

We’re moving through a major transition here on earth. People are waking up at an accelerated rate and ever larger numbers are seeking out energy related advice to understand what they are going through. In response to (and a result of) this awakening, I see many energy workers being called to reach out and provide that information, be that through providing writings, videos, courses, websites, circulating information, and sharing support to seekers. Awakening souls find these people, and they feel excited that they may be able to find some answers. Good, right? Yes. Things seem to be going pear-shape, by times, when the idea of exchange for services, supporting infrastructure, and/or training comes to the table. People want help, but some object to the idea of paying for it. A main root of this imbalance, from what I can see, are ideas that education should be free and that ‘legitimate’ light workers are bound by duty to serve humanity and therefore, should not request remuneration for their services. There is also a genuine lack of clarity on what an energy worker actually does which contributes to difficulties in understanding quantification.

On the issue of free education and teachers who are ‘legit’ not requiring payment. Honestly? I believe many of the newly awakening are remembering past lives where spiritual persons were cared for by their communities (and thus did not have the necessities of life to cover) and/or, they are seeing into the future where such things will once again occur. They are right and I agree with them. However, I do think that in holding those knowings so strongly, it becomes easier to forget the current conditions. And that is that we still live in a world where rent needs to get paid, food needs to be bought, and other various 3d necessities must be met. Until we bridge that gap, there is going to need to be some form of understanding met, and this is going to require work from all parties involved.

Another line presenting itself to me in this situation is a notion that people simply don’t know what the lives of the people doing this work are actually like. Take a second and picture an energy workers’ day. Have you ever done that before? Until I started living it, I didn’t. Take another moment and think about what they need to cover in order to do what they’re doing. Food, accommodation, utilities like the computers and internet they communicate to so many of us through. Things are starting to make more sense, right? There is also a not often discussed component of regular service that so many of us do that are related to the refinement of our skills and fulfillment of our missions. I, for example, prefer to spend several hours each day in service, in whichever way the energies require at a given time. Sometimes, I take upwards of a month off paid work to be able to travel to do my gridwork and/or receive training. These experiences are part of what makes me a great light worker and also, help create the space through which our new earth is being birthed. Ideally, I am able to strike the balance between receiving adequate financial remuneration to allow me to support my day to day life and my mission through satisfying other parts of it like teaching, mentoring, and my various other offerings.

So how do we overcome this gap? First and foremost, we recognize that energy workers, teachers, healers – they’re people too and they have the same needs that most of us do. Doing this work is our mission, and in order for us to be able to do it, we need to be able to survive. We don’t ask a plumber to come over to our houses to unclog our pipes for free – is it really fair of us to ask an energy worker to clear out demons or years of stagnant energy without offering them some form of exchange? When we look at it that way, no. And for practitioners - it is high time we start sharing parts of our journey more widely. After all, it is not fair for to expect people to grasp experiences they’ve never been exposed to. If we want them to understand and respect us for what we do, we need to open up about it. Circumstances created a time where much of that work had to be done in secret and that is in part, why people know so little about us and what we do. That time is over, friends, and the more we communicate, the more we will be understood.

So what am I going to do about it? Well, I’ve opened up the space for this conversation and I hope this post serves as a vehicle through which more open communication can happen. I have made this miscommunication myself at several points, most recently when Love Has Won posted about the issue (spurring a realization in myself that I was not being fair by failing to donate to my number one news source that also regularly shares my work). I saw myself as part of this imbalance and donated. By sharing this piece I intend to further rectify it, by bringing students, teachers, and the people working with us into better alignment with one another. Love always,

Katie IndiCrow

Katie IndiCrow is an energy aligner/healer, gridworker, writer, and teacher. See ‘offerings’ of ‘classes and events’ at www.indicrowenergetics.com for more information on her available services.

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