Calling All Gridworkers pt. 2

Hi, everyone! Here is part 2 of our series on gridwork. This week, Zoe and I talk about what it is like to hear the call to do the work. As part of this discussion, we share about our most recent calling to work with Divine Feminine energies, anchoring and integrating them into the earth as part of our ascension process.

How do you feel the call?

Love always

Katie & Zoe

Katie IndiCrow is an energy aligner/healer, gridworker, writer, and teacher. See ‘offerings’ of ‘classes and events’ at for more information on her available services.

Zoe Davenport is an Author, Intuitive Soul Coach, Spiritual Channel, Crystal master and energy healer. She travels around the globe when guided to work with the Earth's Crystal grid - opening rainbow portals, clearing karma and activating the lands. Her new book Love is the answer will be available to buy soon sign up at

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