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Moving Beyond Polarity


A confusing aspect of the transitions we are going through as humanity in the process of creating the new earth is the continued existence of violence and the popularity of figures like Donald Trump. If we are moving forward, how is it possible that acts of hate and fear like bombings continue to happen? Why do so many people continue to succumb to divisive rhetoric steeped in ‘us’ ‘them’ ideology?

As many before me have stated, there is polarity. There are different levels of transition that we are going to endure as we energetically shift away from the once dark forces that dominated perception of humanity and into what we are co-creating with every act of compassion and love. According to shamanic traditions, we are all comprised of light and dark. This principle is mirrored in our systems and societies. As part of our healing, we accept that we must embrace our mistakes, bring understanding to fear, and love to the places in our souls that have forgotten about it. Well, my friends, an important part of healing this earth is extending these principles into the energy system of the planet. Moments like this, when we are being bombarded with the actions of fear mongers, are prime opportunities to share our light.

One of the key tools that those who wish to oppress us, be it politically, economically, vibrationally (whatever), is our own belief that there’s nothing we can do about it. Well, my friends, I am here to tell you that there is much that we can do about this. As we all know, the energy that we put into a situation is going to greatly effect its course (and I use the ‘e’ with intention). As a result, how we react to acts of hate and fear, when accumulated, can be of large impact. A seemingly simple act like sending love from your heart to those who are being negatively impacted (or creating the negative impacts, for they need it to) can be profound. Have you ever been in a down moment and all of a sudden felt as though you were receiving love? Sure, sometimes that’s your guides. But other times that is actually directed love energy being sent by someone else on this earth to you. As many of you know, when we send love into the world with the intention that it goes where it is needed, it actually does go just where it is needed. You can also be more direct with how you send it. For example, today we are hearing news of Brussels. If you are so inclined, go into meditation and ground yourself. When you are ready, set the intention to send divine white light and universal love to those in Brussels who wish to receive it. If you are reiki 2 or more, you can reiki the situation. The same principle applies with other energy modalities. Be ethical about the energy sending but do not hesitate afraid to do it.

These times are especially good opportunities to work for those of us who do energy transmutation. As you know, one of the primary tools that we have is our ability to transfer ‘negative’ or lower vibrational energy into higher frequency energy by sending in light during time of 'dark'. One of my favourite rays to use which is accessible to everyone is the purple flame! When humans are doing their work such as refusing to fall prey to the ideologues and choosing compassion and empathy over protectionism, we are able to make important forward movements in our transition. Which tools you use are largely dependent on who you are, what your souls’ journey has been, and what your training in this life is. I would say that going into meditation and asking your guides and highest self what is best plan of action to take in this moment is always a great beginning point. (I also find that this approach leaves more space for you to intuitively develop and be gifted with different modalities than always relying on the same old thing without introspection.)

In these situations, I often use transmutation techniques and my strategy often includes a number of modalities and techniques: For example, during a recent bombing, I was asked to recommend that those of us working with merkabah energy (or willing to) call on Metatron in said situations, place the cube over the affected area, and hold it in a light pen of constant transmutation. Those who are reiki masters (or any level, give it a shot) would be very helpful if they focused on the actions/reactions/past/present/future of the event. Those who are more involved with columns of light – do your thing. Want to help clear away from the American election results or the streets? Conceptualize the issue you are working to impact and send that light, thoughts for clear and clean heartways, and for the best possible resolution.

One thing that is important to say in closing is that well publicized acts like what is happening in America are nowhere near the spectrum of the places in this world that would benefit from concentrated acts of light and love. There are wars, dis-ease, and hostile acts of land destruction that are endemic to the old ways of humanity that do still exist that we must acknowledge and work through. I know that it is very painful for many of you to acknowledge these acts, in large part because they make you feel helpless and defeated. We need to do this, however, in order to actually be able to put an end to them. There needs to be a recognition in your heart that these things are happening and an admittance that at some level, many of us have contributed to their continuation by falling prey to the madness, turning a blind eye, or willfully ignoring. Stopping that doesn’t mean we need to become obsessed with the news or scholars in world history or anything of the like. It does mean, however, that we’re going to have to at least admit that these things are happening and that when we hurt the land and each other, we hurt ourselves. We are a we. Not an us and a them. A we.

As I noted at the beginning of this post, the idea that there is nothing you can do is one of the greatest ropes of our continued oppression. Know that every time you choose love, every time you send light, every time you believe that we can create something better and embed that in your actions – you are helping to shift the akash which is the energetic reservoir undercutting the human experience. You are transmuting the lower vibrations into higher ones and helping to leave that which no longer serves us behind. Beyond that, when you bring these principles into your day to day life as a human and making conscientious decisions about what you believe, where you buy, and who you vote for, you are ushering that new energy into creation on the earth. I believe in our ability to do that. There is so much we can do and more and more.

Love always,

Katie IndiCrow

Katie IndiCrow is an energy aligner/healer, gridworker, writer, and teacher. See ‘offerings’ of ‘classes and events’ at www.indicrowenergetics.com for more information on her available services.

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