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Hope in Chaos; Bringing light to dark

Hope in chaos; bringing light to the dark

Question: For so many, we are witnessing a world that seems to have gone totally insane. It seems like the world we have known is falling apart. Dynamics of greed, inequality, violence, fear, etc seem to be all around, and it can be quite difficult to remain positive or even to carry hope for our future. Can you tell us about this dynamic, why it is important, and what we can do to remain empowered?

Answer: How to approach such a multi-faceted question is difficult to surmise. How can I be sure of hope in the face of so much batshit crazy stuff happening out there in earth right now? To answer you, I felt into it. I felt the Trump/Clinton mess, the shootings, the wars, the economic collapse, the systemic shifting that is undoubtedly happening all around us, shaking people to their cores. And my answer to him is simple. It is because of the light that I see forming within/throughout/as a result of that very shaking. In it, I see true human potential. What do I mean by that? Come closer, and I’ll tell you more.

First, personal confession time. What many of you don’t know about me is that for much of my life, I have been a community social justice activist, a radical political-economic theorist, and a general shit-stirrer with my own government. I focus heavily on grass roots economic development and community capacity building in the hopes of creating safe, healthy and engaging communities. Basically, I geared my entire life until about the age of 29 toward fighting the very structures falling apart right now. What I have learned through this engagement is important: Even in the most dark situations, people help one another. They believe. They keep trying. And as I have seen it, when given space (and sometimes without it) they are able to flourish. They grow, they create, and they can change. It is that capacity, that beauty, that inspires me. It has also showed me that where there is fission, there is also chance for fusion. And it is that fusion that I would like to focus on now.

In the past decade or so, the influence of corporate shareholders and the global elite has become increasingly visible. Their consumption of ever higher percentages of the worlds’ wealth and the disparity between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ has become readily apparent. In response to that, we have had large amounts of social kickback, for example in the Occupy Movement. We have also seen outright state protection of corporate interests over treaty and private ownership rights, particularly around access to natural resources. The Idle No More movement and the huge convergence of Indigenous cooperation around the Dakota Pipeline happening right now are responses to that. In my opinion, these instances can be viewed as helpful in some ways. For example, they demonstrate the fragility of structures. Fragility of ideology. They also bring us into situations that force us to ask questions about our core values – what type of a society do we want to live in? what matters more, corporate right to make money or people’s right to drink water? We then come into a space where we make choices and seed action like the movements discussed herein. Sidenote: Never underestimate the power of self realization. I have met a lot of first time protesters, activists, and volunteers who learned about self-efficacy and gave/received a lot of love and support in the course of this work. That capacity building based on love – that stuff is equivalent to the bricks of healthy social organization, right there.

Energy workers talk about the light being grounded into action. Well, working with groups like the Occupy Movement or, in my current case, Irish austerity resisters, shows me what that actually means. In the Irish case, for example, Troika led austerity has left state services gutted. Corporate elites basically control everything and the people are getting squeezed for more and more ridiculous taxes each year, despite overall having less. An national movement is currently in action where people are actively resisting having water meters implemented to be controlled by private corporation. And you know what? They are actually winning. How? Actions as simple as standing out together in their driveways to stop teams from implementing meters, burning bills, and voting. They see their power as a collective, they learn more about it every day, and they’re using it. They’re not listening to the news media BS (note, largest media outlet is owned by the same person as the water company), they’re calling bs on the Troika, and they’re standing up for their rights to live as human beings, not corporate objects. Another example: The Dakota pipeline. Tribes and peoples who traditionally do not interact, and in fact have been at war, are coming together to protect the rights of the water, and as such, mother earth and all people. People are doing personal and community farming, we are seeing an upswing in green energy, I could go on and on. The main point is, larger numbers of people want to do this. People have the skills to do this. People are doing this. Which means WE CAN DO THIS.

So. While it hurts so much to feel the structures being pinched, or to experience their crumbling, within that darkness, I see the light. The opportunity to seize back control of our land, our resources, our bodies. I also see people being jerked into conscious awareness of the dimensions at play in the 3d world. I also can’t help but notice that as this is happening, there so too seems to be a re-awakening of larger scale appreciation of oneness, the importance of protecting the land…basically the fundamental principles that so many of us spiritualist types would liken with being ‘awakened’ are being brought into discussion in pop culture society. In my mind, that provides an opening to 5d and beyond. And I believe that the more and more we as societies open to these principles, the more we begin to further integrate them into the new structures we create, as we are certain to continue decimating the old.

Love always,

Katie IndiCrow

Katie IndiCrow is an energy aligner/healer, gridworker, writer, and teacher. See ‘offerings’ of ‘classes and events’ at www.indicrowenergetics.com for more information on her available services.

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