Energies of 9-9-9. Did you feel it?


So. Yesterday was 9/9/9 portal opening day. Turns out it was single handedly the most energetically shifting day that I have consciously experienced in this life. So far. A stream of light energy opened up to me around 1 pm Atlantic standard time and It lasted for hours and hours and hours. And hours. Wave after wave of iridescent rainbow pinky sort of stuff with wider waves outside of it. One stream to my crown, another a column of light around me. Pulsing, moving through and around me, in this time as well as all other times. At its root was happiness and freedom, unlike anything I've ever known. It was so beautiful that I can't even fathom it quite yet.

Wave after wave of love. A knowing that the path opening up before me is the right one. Knowing that the path we are creating as a collective is of light and hope.

As the light moved through, I felt a lot of visceral symptoms including waves of happiness, sadness, stomach pains, inability to form sentences. Crying. Smiling. A feeling like all the pieces of my energy story (every energy story) were being rewired and clicking back together in a more true form. I could feel my body shaking out bits of energy that were tied to stories that are not the one I'm creating now, not the one we as humanity are making together. I got the distinct feeling that my karma clearing rounds were continuing, this time not driven by me. Rather, this was about agreements falling apart because the conditions for their existence no longer remained. It felt like so much of what I had been working on within and without since my journey began had finally changed.

As Mother of All Creation so joyously proclaimed in a video yesterday, Love HAS Won.

I like to believe that what I saw as I entered the portal yesterday was the potential growth facing us here on this earth - the path we are walking as a collective. That light I experienced is being rooted in, not through just me but through all open vessels. This truly signals the beginning of the moment that we've all been waiting for. Wonderfully enough, now that I stand here I see so many more, filled with ever more joy and love, than my mind could even comprehend yesterday.

Congratulations. We have hit a huge milestone.

Love always,

Katie IndiCrow

Katie IndiCrow is an energy aligner/healer, gridworker, writer, and teacher. See ‘offerings’ of ‘classes and events’ at www.indicrowenergetics.com for more information on her available services.

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