• Katie IndiCrow

Finding Your Joy Spot

A quick message to all of you, for this is one that applies far and wide. Today, I ask you to take a moment and focus on joy.

So many of us have the idea that spiritual development, energy work, and/or self growth is somber business. As we well know, they very well can be. What gets less celebrated, less discussed, is how much fun this can be. Finding and living in your flow isn’t just about making the right decisions in life; it’s also about ENJOYING IT!

There has been a remarkable amount of introspection and healing occurring, particularly in the last six months. So many of us are opening up to our light (or different aspects of it). We are facing the shadows of ourselves and our societies. We are taking accountability. This process can be painful. In an effort to comfort people throughout, many publications are reporting on the energy shifts/astral alignment and how that is being experienced in embodied form. They are (helpfully) pointing out the nitty gritty, helping people to see that they are not alone.

What is discussed less, it seems, is the role that joy plays in this process. So many of us are reaching out to new communities, making friends online and in physical space. We’re learning to step into our true selves, and we’re taking control of our lives! We are learning that sensitivities like being empathic or clairvoyant can be enjoyable. So why aren’t we talking about this aspect more!?!?!?

We know that in large part, what we focus on becomes what we experience. When we focus too heavily on the shadow side, we forget about the fun! So, why not begin making joy a regular part of our energetic and/or spiritual experience? Let’s share positive aspects of what we are learning! Let’s laugh and be silly! Let’s enjoy this process! And when it gets heavy, throw a disco fuelled kitchen dance party. Watch an animal video. Play. Laughter truly is a powerful medicine, delivered straight from the heart that costs us nothing but can change everything.

What do you do to connect to your joy spot? What have been some of the most joy-filled moments you’ve experienced coming in line with your highest self?

In love, laughter, and light,

Katie IndiCrow

(Here’s a video that has brought me so much happiness this week. Amazing song, excellent dancing. Perfect for a 3pm energy slump:

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