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Good morning from Dublin! I'm packing up and heading back to Nova Scotia, today. It's been an amazing time in Ireland and I look forward to my return.

A quick thought on moving forward: For many of us, this past year has been a time of clearing, making choices, and determining our paths forward. For me, this has meant shifting from the intention of having a professional career as a social anthropologist (researcher and teacher - my life now) into doing energy work full time (what my life is becoming). As many of you can imagine, it's quite the leap and a step that at one time, I never would have thought I'd be making. A step forward in my mind was to begin sharing my work on a larger platform. I chose to send an email to Love Has Won with a piece of my work and - BAM - published within days of the first contact.

I'm sharing this now because I want you to know that these new lives, these new careers, these new connections that you have been envisioning as you move through your process ARE POSSIBLE. Taking those first steps can be scary but they can also be super rewarding. Be brave, be courageous, and trust in your own visions and capabilities. You CAN do this. So why not decide which steps you're going to need to get your ball rolling in a different direction? Why not choose one and try it out? Nothing will change without our effort and intention - so get to it! And start creating that new existence you've been dreaming of <3. I believe that you can do it!

Love always,

Katie Indicrow

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