Grounding Through Change

So many of us are feeling the impact of energetic change in our lives. The moon/eclipse combination along with solar flare activities, and continued intense light-code downloads are certainly bearing influence on our energy fields. We are changing and we are feeling it.

Grounding into earth energy is an effective way to connect ourselves back into source and our highest selves. If you feel so inclined, please join me in a meditation, using this beautiful piece of music as grounding inspiration. As you listen to it, picture yourself growing roots that extend all the way into her center, like a tree. Ground your energy and allow yourself to connect with the Mother. Feel yourself releasing that which no longer serves you, and drawing up pure white light energy of love straight from her heart, up through your chakras and into your own. Feel her. Feel you. Feel the connection of all that is. Feel the beauty of the great white light that is encapsulating earth as we move through our transition, within and without. Know that we are here, together, safe and loved. Allow your soul to wrap around the melody, pulsing with the drum. Be here. Now.

As the music ends, give gratitude to Gaia, Mother earth, however you wish to refer to her. Thank her for being here with you. Know that she is love.

If this form of meditation isn't your thing, connect in other ways that make sense to you. Dance. Do tai chi. Sing! Taking time for self connection and care is integral at this time.

Love always,

Katie Indicrow

Thank you to Liquid Bloom for the beautiful music <3


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