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2 Youth Focused Activities on Friday, April 14!!


After a two week sojourn to focus on the planet, our youth and family oriented practices are back up and running! Thank you so much for your patience as I focused on embodying my universal role. I love our gatherings and I am excited to be back to it!! It is so much fun to get together and talk about our senses, this awesome planet, and all the cool things we can do to explore it and ourselves.

Side note: YAY! This is my 600th blog post on this page. How appropriate that it is about creating warm and fun educational activities for us to enjoy, together. Thanks to all of you who are here reading, sharing, and co-creating!!

Ok. Back to business

This week, we are having two exercises!!!

The first, happening at 8 am ADT on Friday, April 14, will be focused on working with our senses. I am getting a lot of messages about people in our young adult/teen/tween community feeling these shifts fairly distinctly and requiring somewhere to go and share about/learn about it. I am creating that space right here, with this session. To keep it light, we are going to be working on basic energy discernment skills (mine or theirs). We will work with energy balls and colour forms as a way to understand and work through what we are feeling/sensing in our bodies (This will be especially helpful for those young people/family members who are feeling the heightened emotions of our current transition.)

I know that sometimes people get shy when we get together. If our wonderful caretakers and family members could get together examples for me of when the feelings are overwhelming/confusing/hard to deal with, I will create direct exercises in response to those examples. This helps us really ground the material in the lives of the young people who will be in attendance and those who will see the replay. (Please note that my face and voice are the only ones that are recorded. We respect the privacy and autonomy of all participants at these sessions).

Please note this is timed to be inclusive to our Australian friends! There are so many of you in this community, I felt it important to start planning some slots that work better for you. (Thanks to us all being home, that is way more easy now than before!)

The age range for this one is what I feel to be more like those from 12 up to say, early 20s. That said, I will not limit participants under the age of 12 who come with their parent/guardian. I know that this is something that impacts all ages, however, I feel it is really important to connect with teen, tween, and young adult friends.

OUR SECOND SESSION will take place on Friday, April 14 at 10 am ADT.

In this session, we are going to be working with our friends in the plant and elemental kingdoms to welcome the seasons! That is right! We are going to connect with some fae, dragons, and other friends in the forest like trees and gnomes to talk about how we can learn from them about how our planet and environment works. We will work on some fun practices like welcoming fae back to the forest, how to help trees wake up for spring or move into sleep state for winter, how to appreciate and support how elementals help care for the planet. A huge focus in this session will be sharing practices to support learning/communication with the elements and environment.

Please note that the language in this one is going to be geared toward our younger friends. Note made, of course young people and families of all ages are welcomed to come.

TO ACCESS THE ACTIVITIES: I host these sessions on zoom. They are accessible as part of my community education program. To keep the vibe high and the integrity of the practice, I do request that participants email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com to let me know they are joining in. I will distribute the access links directly to you, then! Please do this before 7 am on Friday for both activities. Please keep in mind, the earlier the better as I can take any questions/interest into account! It is important to keep our youth sharing spaces energetically clear. This is a great way to do that!

While I ask no formal exchange to participate, I do gratefully receive gifts of support to help keep my ship going to paypal.me/KatieindiCrow.

The replay gets shared through youtube and posted on my pages, just as we have done with part 1 and 2 of our series. If you have not yet played with them, I invite you to do so as you feel inspired. There are some great practices in here. It also gives you an idea of what these gatherings are like. (We take frequent breaks for sharing that happens off recording.)

Plugging into the Planet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY75dnu-xjM&t=352s

Creating High Vibe Home Spaces: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDF3g4nsot4&t=2s

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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School: https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lightemissary1111/

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