1212 Gateway Activities! (Happening 10/12, 12/12, and 14/12)

Hey, friends!

A little note to say that I am hosting a gateway group light anchoring activity (as always) for the 1212 gateway (which is currently open). We will gather on 10:12 at 10 AM AST. This is an important time for us to take our ability to activate the planet through our intentional activities. We know this.

I will be leading the ceremony through zoom.us. It will be open access for those who are joining with the intention of unifying in peace and love for the support of planetary ascension in its highest vibrational format. The activity itself will likely be about an hour. I will continue to share public invitations for focused intention between now and then, through to solstice. (With a few days of Katie rest and fun focus in there, somewhere.)

We know gateways are not just one day. The activities we have been sharing like the planetary womb clearing, karma shifting, and supporting of unified integration in the blueprint have been part of our preparation for it. Many of us are also involved in our daily practice and creation work at full steam ahead effort. The more we put into it, the more powerful results we will feel. It is up to us how we will experience this.

To access ongoing information about this gathering and any lead up activities that may come up, I invite you to click 'attend': https://www.facebook.com/events/569363963798335/. I will also post a live link in Love Wave and on my blog, www.indicrowenergetics.com.

To begin preparing the energy for this group activity, I invite you to connect with this piece of energy art that was created by Iris Adema. It is called "Find Your Way Home". The piece helps us by sharing the frequency of balance restoration. It supports harmonization in our fields as we shift out of one paradigm and step into our freedom, our hearts connection with our souls and all that is. (You may find more of her work at Golden Ones Creations: https://www.facebook.com/Golden-Ones-Creations-100571828086700.)

I am excited to put the word out that as part of our work together during this gateway, we are hosting an energy alignment/spiritual surgery activity on December 14! Its focus will be on spark reignition. That is, your connection to your creator spark! During the activity, we will be balancing the energy fields (for many this will be integration of masculine and feminine energies) and preparing/repairing the soul for full unified connection. There will be program decluttering and timeline dissolution going on with that as well.

What is this method: In short, the practice/activity will take about half a day for us to complete. it will consist of a 60 minute group energy alignment that will be similar to one of my skill building and energy shifting sessions. I will lead you through a group alignment activity, give insight and understanding to the energy being shifted, and provide information to you on how you will be able to maintain the positive benefits of the alignment. Once that is completed, Iris and I will be working with you in multiple dimensions to perform and implement the shifts your body and soul are ready to make. We recommend that participants go into meditation and/or rest space for that experience, which takes about two hours to complete. In the aftercare package, you will receive a recording of the guided activity as well as any art/codes that came through from Iris to support your continued integration.

We are calling forth a group of ten participants who are ready for this experience! To signify interest, please contact me at katieindicrow@gmail.com. I will provide further information after we have connected.

Happy gateway week, friends!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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