Learning is fun! Here is a short list of programs and opportunities I have going on.

Section under design: March 11, 2021.

Ready to study? I have developed a wide range of personal development, psychic development, and lightworker training programs since I opened my school in 2016. Over these years, thousands of souls have come through my digital doors to learn things like: Soul care, karma clearing, gridworking, coding, and how to work with elementals like Sasquatches and Dragons. I host the catalogue of programs a IndiCrow 
Academy @ https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com to view my online school and get registered!! These methods are original, they work, and they are here for you when you are ready.

A little story on my learning philosophy:

I went to school in a scenario where it cost thousands of dollars to receive the training I cared about. When it came time for me to really focus on soul, I had no money and thus, had a hard time finding guidance and materials to help me help myself. When I did find material, a lot of it was based in an old paradigm that was based in pre 2012 principles that just did not work for me. It came with strings. It was being produced by people who wanted power over us. In light of that, it seemed clear to me what my first task would be:

BUILD A LIBRARY. Build a library, I did.

This blog, my YouTube page IndiCrow Energetics, my instagram page @KatieIndiCrow house over a thousand open access learning and alignment materials that are available to you in this now.

ENTER: IndiCrow Energetics.

My idea behind IndiCrow Energetics is that it would become something like a LIBRARY for our community. My intention in creating this blog and all these sharing platforms connected to it is to provide excellent material for everyday THAT WORKS. 

Milestone: Opening IndiCrow Academy (2018)

As my vision grew, I began doing sessions and even opened up my own school (IndiCrow Academy) in 2018. To date, I have taught 40 courses and thousands of students! Many of those courses remain available today through the Academy for self study!! 

New Epoch, New Directions


In the spirit of strong foundations, I spent the first part of 2021 writing a new book and learning program that would serve as the basis of all learning here at IndiCrow Academy. Its name? SOUL COMPASS!

Soul Compass is presented as an ebook (approx 230 pages in length). The book is divded into 3 main phases. In the first, you learn what your soul sounds like and basic healing methods so you may identify and adjust your core wounds and/or the frays that we experience as part of our regular life. In the second part we learn all about the dynamic soul/body relationship.  How our soul speaks to us through our bodies, coming into harmony with our kundalini energy, and building a nice strong energy column are the focale points. Phase 3 is all about EMBODIMENT and tools for daily life. Learn about discernment in intuitive guidance, intuitive research, and how to get an excellent soul-care routine into your life that works for you.

You may click here for more information and to purchase theprogram.   https://indicrowacademy.thinkific.com/courses/soul-compass-1

Not a paypal user? Just click the registration button and you will be brought to a checkout screen where you are able to use all forms of payment. If there is any issue, contact me directly!

*Please note that Soul Compass is copyright protected.*

ASKING QUESTIONS: Coming in January for homeschool/family learning and February for everyone else!

A basic research program about asking questions and finding answers. This is for homeschool children and/or our adult friends of any age who would like to learn more about the process of forming research questions and the process of going about answering them!

In my professional anthropologist life, I was known as being talented at designing research methods and was often scouted to support projects on that angle. Asking questions has always been HUGE for me. I delighted in training in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research methodologies. I also operationalized the three professionally. The material for this program comes from this experience. (I say this because having a background in these skills is key to teaching others about them. Too many people report 'research' without ever having done their own methods training. This is a big part of how misinformation gets so easily circulated.)

Program includes: 3 phases of focus (asking questions, gathering information, sharing our results). It comes with teaching instructions, worksheets, and study tips. I will also do 'office hours' where we get to chit chat about progress 2 times a unit. Here, we can review progress and give suggestions and guidance that come with formal learning.

Registration for the program: $333 USD for a three phase /3 month program that you are able to replicate. The research process is something that we strengthen every time we work with it. I will request a little top up of up to $111 if I am providing a lot of guidance (large families of 3plus children, parents requiring additional teaching support). 

Payment plans accepted. 

Please email me at katieindicrow@gmail.com to get your name on the list for homeschooling/family learning.