Sacred Implements: 


Custom Set Creation, Tool Harmonization, and Personal Procurement

Many of you know me as Katie IndiCrow: Gatemaster and harmonizer of the Universe. A person who travels stars, space, and this planet to align and attune the crystals, elements and components that bring it all together to form our vibrational 'hum'. Many of you also know me as Katie IndiCrow. Teacher of how to live a  life that is vibrationally sound. I talk about crystals, taking care of the energy in our homes and communities and how to create a great feeling home and work space.  

It is with great excitement that I announce my new focused range of engagements that is all about procurement, harmonization, and creation of custom implements and space-holding packages for you. This is EXCITING!! It is my joy and honour to select, design and create custom sacred implements and packages to support YOU!


All creations are custom. 

What makes some

In honour of the Sacred Implements and their Journey:

When I select an implement for you, it is also because it  has chosen to be selected and has consented to go to your home. 

Procurement & Activation of Personal Healing Tools 

Working through a specific issue?


Mobile Sacred Space:

Traveling with you wherever you go. Size: Bottle ranging up to small pouches.

The idea here is that you have a set that is comprised of multiple frequencies in an easy to carry, discrete, mobile set. 

Space Holder Sets (for full property or specific space): These sets work like energetic infrastructure that you put into your environment. Ever have a leak or require a new support beam? Like a roof repair or a support beam, these sets help heal and hold the vibration of your space for YOU.  Creating for: Family and personal spaces like bedrooms, homes, apartments, workspaces, sacred spaces, and places that you find yourself in often. These sets help keep a space high and clear.

The Sacred Implement Care Agreement: All sets come with a care manual. Patrons are asked to commit to caring for their creation and to work with them in honour and integrity. Why? These are living beings that are gifts from the earth and the cosmos who have come forward as being ready to work with YOU! Honour their choice by committing to caring for them. Honour their choice by committing to always working with them in integrity, peace, and truth. 

Caring for them means charging them, clearing them, and recognizing that they are alive!

Seeking these services? Contact me at Let me know which service you are interested in.  We will set up a consultation where I will get a sense of who you are, what you are seeking, and the resources you are able to dedicate to this. If we are aligned, we form an agreement. I then begin the process of creating your sacred implement package.

There is a minimum request of $111 USD. This supports our consultation as well as materials dedicated to the package. I also request this basic fee for personal shopping consultations. 

Please note that I will require the financial exchange component for the package 'up front' to support my procurement of materials and other resources associated with its creation.

When it comes to shipping: *You pay the postage*