Community is important.

Creating safe spaces for learning and engagement has always been part of me. This passion began as a young child and has provided a source of constant inspiration in my professional career as an academic (and whilst training as one). It continues now in my spiritual life. Thank you to the many thousands of people who have joined in projects like Love Wave, my various gridworker forums, and who participated in our focused intent gatherings. 

As the world shifts, so too do the projects I focus on. 

For 2021, my main focale points are:

A) My Spiritual Life:  The Community Conversation Hour All About US!

Happening most Wednesdays on my youtube page IndiCrow Energetics, this is my version of a coffee our with soul. Gathering together friends from our community, we get together and talk about our lives on the spiritual path. A big focus is 'realness' about what we experience, from friends and family thinking we lost it to addiction to astrology and so much more. A theme is living our best lives and finding strength in the knowing that we are not alone. Click here to view recent installments: 

B) Katie IndiCrow Patreon Members Community:This is something I feel extremely proud of. Home of the 'My Spiritual Life Aftershow' as one of our main activities, we gather every Wednesday at 11:11 AST. Here, the theme is 'Spirituality with Sass' and 'Soul Care for the 21st Century'. Like my sense of humour? Seeking 'energy quickies' to get you flowing through your days? Have a thirst for no pressure learning? I deliver a fresh flow of tips, tools, songs, and inspiration each day.This space is for you! Click here to review membership options and to access this great material, today:

Do not be shy to join in! As of 2021, we are entering into our third month! We have some great holiday gatherings upcoming for those who are seeking community, a break from the din, and/or not to be alone!

c) Ongoing Creation through Social Media platforms:  Many of you find me on my various social media platforms. My OG accounts are on FB as IndiCrow Energetics, Youtube as IndiCrow Energetics:  (I have curated lots of great playlists and uploaded hundreds of original videos that are brimming with tools and information),  Instagram @KatieIndiCrow (over 700 images and videos recorded during my sacred ceremonies and engagements with the planet. Many of these serve as 'quicky' meditation practices. Browse and breathe.), on TikTok @KatieIndiCrow, and Twitter @IndiKatie.  The latter are two of my more 'new' projects. It is so fun to create in new formats!

I amalgamate and curate all this awesome content in a best hits fashion (with original content thrown in) at my Patreon community. Another great reason to join!