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A lifelong student of esoteric teachings, I have been writing and teaching in this tradition since 2014. In those days I was doing it 'on the sly' while still holding down the fort as a social anthropologist. I 'retired' from my formal academic career in 2017 to take care of the planet (a true full time job), open IndiCrow Academy (my school), and to record my sacred teachings here, which I began in 2016.

Thank you to the many thousands of people who interacted with these teachings. We have gathered physically in three continents, etherically around the globe, and have performed ceremony to support our souls and the planet  for 5 seasons. We have grown together. Readers both new and already known are encouraged to read the text below. It outlines an important transition in my teachings. This is a very good thing.

A note on Site Content and the Transition Being Made into 2022

This blog and all that was written here pre October 2020 became a resource for early ascension workers, gridworkers, and lightworkers. A pretty rad group of individuals gathered around this work which became a guiding influence through this passage. As it was meant to. The purpose and orientation of all that I was sharing was bringing us together in safety and skill to get this planet to the great awakening. 


In those years, I talked about space a lot, helped to raise the vibration of the planet, and together we acted as a community to unlock some pretty cool parts of the human potential with our lives. Sometimes it got weird. Some of the information on this blog is weird. This is the reality for a good portion of us here on the planet who were here to help usher it and its inhabitants through the awakening/ascension process. Sometimes this was dark. It involved collapsing timelines and closing out dangerous reality streams. 

Congratulations, friends. As of 12.21.20, we did it! 12 strand plus DNA and all that came with it was our first big job. We did that in July/August 2018. We also had our huge milestone of source and creator uniting, thus anchoring a huge wave of purification energy that is currently helping to upend the BS that became rampant in this universe.

As I delivered these teachings, I was transparent that there would come a time when we would have to adjust our perspectives from moving a planet into its crystalline frequency to living and grounding it. Part of that would be releasing some of the tools, concepts, and narratives we were holding. Even the very ones that we had to work with to help the world.

Now is that time.

As part of my responsibility to host information of high integrity that is helpful to the world (as opposed to perpetuating old stories), I am phasing out this site. It is time to release the narrative and energy that it was home for. I am in the process of building a (second) new website on a new host. One that works. 

(For those searching through this site now. Yes, I know it is difficult to work. The host has degraded significantly and keeps making site functions that make things hard to do, see and find. This is why I am leaving. The new home is all kinds of organized that this place no longer seems to be.)

This blog is moving to a new host, new home, with a new design plan

What is very different about this phase and what comes from it is that the language, the tone, and the reason for creating has changed. So too have some of the methods. Planet earth has graduated and we are now safe. With this transition, we all get to be a little more free. This is a more soft, playful, childlike Katie than those meeting me pre-2020 may have been accustomed to!

You are able to engage with the beginning iterations of this approach in my new multi-media podcasts being hosted at Crow Medicine: Broadcasts – Crow Medicine Media.  I will be ready to launch my new site soon. Signing up to the email list connected to this page will ensure you get linked to the new one as well. Click here for that:

Love the Sound of this Learning Path?

Learners new and old are encouraged to check out 'Soul Compass' to begin their training. It takes readers through healing your energy body, learning how to hear and heal your soul (through fun ways like music listening), and to develop/recognize your innate intuitive gifts. Getting to know our unique soul story is important. So too is learning to hear it as we discover our unique gifts. This program WORKS: Soul Compass (thinkific.com). It also serves as the basis for the entire method I created (many of you learned its basis in various earlier courses like 'I Am', 'Soul Speak', and 'Gridwork') in its new epoch, self study format. This will be a prerequisite for everything moving forward in my school. The method is unique and it works. Please note: This course is in my NEW school which means no space lingo, an everyday orientation, and loaded with grounded tools which you have come to know and love me for teaching you.

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!