Hi! My name is Katie IndiCrow

Hello, friends!

My name is Katie IndiCrow. Welcome to my blog website! Here, you are able to find hundreds of posts sharing information about tools, energy patterns, empowerment, and suggestions on how we can support our earth and one another through the ascension process.

Born and raised in tiny Prince Edward Island, Canada, I currently reside in the crystal city that we know as Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am here holding space and grounding the physical presence of this amazing etheric retreat. In addition to that, I act as a gatemaster and keyholder which means that I am a master builder of our integrated grid system. One of my main forms of creation in these moments is to travel the worlds and dimensions, preparing, creating, and connecting pieces of our integrated gridsystem. Through this task, I am honoured to connect with the amazing souls who came here to co-create. 

In addition to the gridwork focus, I am passionate about blueprinting the ascension process into something that we can have fun with and be inspired by. My blog posts and private training are geared toward providing a solid technical basis from which one can expand into ever widening spirals of personal development! I am an information nerd and spend a lot of time calling forth and refining new techniques and ancient information as part of my gatekeeping practice. Examples of the vast array of topics that you may find us working on together at IndiCrow Academy are: Astral work, karma, working with and as dragons, how to enjoy being an empath, working with animals, coding, and of course, gridwork. One thing you can always count on is that my training is based on soul communication, empowerment, and embodying our inner Creator!

*I flow with the collective and am always creating something new. Have a suggestion of something you would like to hear me speak about? Reach out, I would love to hear it.*

In addition to blogging and facilitating classes and workshops, I also love working with people in one to one, private sessions. Skills activations, karmic transitions, connecting to soul aspects and retrieving fragments, energy alignments, gridwork consultations, andara connections, young people and family support, and animals are examples of the themes that we are able to work on in connection. I work with people ranging from newly awakening to expert, with a special welcoming to starseeds and recent walk-ins who are seeking ways to accelerate and connect to and embody their skillsets so they can get to work! 

In addition to all of these great bits, I also host year round ascension and earth based co-creation events. It is important that we learn the power of our togetherness. We are a collective, once again, and those of us who are awake are granted the opportunity and responsibility to do what we can to support the great shift. I share suggestions on how to do this openly and often! They come in the form of meditations shared through this page, my youtube channel, and my FB pages IndiCrow Energetics. Love Wave on FB is a central zone of my public coordination activities. Those acting with peace and love in their hearts are welcomed to join. Signing up for my mailing list and 'liking' my pages is a great way to stay in the loop.

You are able to find more information about sessions and IndiCrow Academy by clicking the main tabs of this blog. Access to my library is through the blog! 

Thanks for finding me! 

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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