Hi! My name is Katie IndiCrow

My name is Katie IndiCrow AKA Head Crow in charge of creating IndiCrow Energetics and all media, educational materials, and video content published under this name.

What you find here: This is the where you can find out about current learning programs, session offerings, and community gatherings. Check those out in the drop down menu if on phone/tablet or by clicking the tabs posted just above if on computer.

Onus of my sharing: Metaphysics; Energy tools for every day, Soul Freedom and Autonomy, Mechanics of the planet, advanced metaphysics, Self care; and Skills training.​

ABOUT ME: In this earth, this life time terms, I have a formal education in social anthropology, receiving a BA(honours), MA and going all the way up to the end of a phd in the discipline. I practiced as a social anthropologist and taught university as a full course lecturer up until March of 2017. At this point, I retired to focus full time on metaphysical training and education. (At one point the dreaded AbD of an all but dissertation on my phd points was terrifying. Now, I share it with pride. The planet needed me more than the book did.)

Soul wise, I am a Caretaker of the Universe. I have lived (and recall) many thousands of existences doing many of the same things I do now. Caretaker, harmonizer, builder, teacher, psychopomp, soul guide, creator. The experiences gained throughout these lifetimes serve as the inspiration for the completely unique method of energy training and harmonization that I have created and teach.

My approach is a creative fusion of tradition, soul and canon and represents an extension of the limits of what we call knowledge of self and this planet. My academic background strongly informs my view of this planet and our universe. So too does my ongoing experience traveling the realms and dimensions in my various roles. I frequently layer academically and esoterically informed topics together, explaining the cosmic iterations of things like social change and politics (and vice vera). This makes my approach unique. Society and soul are intricately interconnected. It is when we forgot this that our populations got most seriously nailed.

Key words driving my approach are: Freedom, autonomy, knowledge, self-love, harmonics, truth, empowerment, self-efficacy, and creative GROWTH!

As an ancient, it is my joy to be here on this planet teaching, training, and supporting healthy soul growth and support. Be sure to click on my 'learning', 'community' and 'session' tabs as you are scrolling the site. I love interacting with our community, be it in a group setting, for training, or in session for a 1:1.

Thanks for finding me! 

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


Living my life in peace and joy. Impenetrable to all else.

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