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SESSIONS and Mentoring


In addition to the course offerings and group calls that I share, I also love working with people in private session. This can be in a one off, 1:1 session or through more long term engagements like mentoring. Below are some examples of what I have been sharing in session. Most wind up being a mix of all of these components. If there is something that you feel called to work with me on that is not on this list, please reach out! If it feels right, we will do it.

Please note that all of my offerings have exchange that is determined on a pay what you can basis. Exchange is $133-$188 CAD,. 

Mission alignment and Skills Activation

These sessions are designed to support your connection to mission, soul aspects, skill sets, and all that is uniquely you.

These connections can be many things and are always determined by where YOU are at on your journey at the time of our connection. Sometimes they involve clearing karma, others very specific mission guidance, others clearing energy blocks, and in many cases a mix of the three. We discuss where you are at in your work, I give feedback from your unified soul as your main contact point, guides, Gaia, space family, elementals, and the list goes on (who really depends again, on your work). Activations, laughter, tears, clearing – whatever we need to do, we do it. The one thing you can count on is that we are going to go deep.

I also do site analysis and tool logistics for gridworkers seeking to understand more about an area they are working. 

Exchange for these session is $133-188 CAD, pay what you can. 


Soul Retrieval/Karmic Alignments

These sessions often relate to adjusting and working through energetic empowerment and awakening. Depending on where you are at in your journey, we typically focus on aligning karmic and soul contract based relationships, opening up and connecting to your energy body, anchoring in new dimensional frequencies, and learning how to connect to your senses with joy. These sessions are great for people who are working through energetic shifting as part of their ascension journey. They focus on supporting your deep emotional healing, energetic alignment, and empowerment.

Exchange for these sessions is $133-188 CAD, pay what you can based on sliding scale.

Energy Aware Youth and Family Session

Working with energy sensitive youth and creating safe and loving developmental spaces for them is one of my great passions. Sometimes referred to as crystal or rainbow children, these young people are often born awake with their senses opened. I explain more about who energy sensitive youth are, why they are here, and how we can begin to create safe and loving spaces for them in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA6wCeo3IK0&t=1217s

These sessions are highly variable in that the age of a child and the nature of the connection or question often determines how we will align. In cases where the child is not yet born, we work through oversoul connection to prepare the passageway for their birth. If we are working with one who is already present on earth, they often are in the room (and out, we know how kids can be) but also very present with their unified soul energy. The basis of these sessions is always to provide understanding, high vibrational alignments, and to facilitate supportive environments for the next generation and those who love them as they navigate this ascension journey together. I often work with lightworking families and crystal children prior to birth. I am excited and happy to expand beyond that.

Exchange is $133-188 CAD per hour (pay what you can). 

Gridwork Consultations

These sessions are often a blend of forms because when we connect to our work with the grids so too must we often learn how to construct or connect to that piece through and with our selves. I love these sessions because in them we nerd out over a specific gridwork project. This can range from anything like supporting skills development to efficiently work on a task that is part of your mission to figuringatur out what or how to connect to the energy of a piece of land, site, storyline, or gateway alignment. These sessions tend to take an hour if I do not already know you and your work. They are a lot of fun and  I am excited to connect with more and more of you on this path!

These sessions are $122-166 CAD per connection. I gladly also do site and mission check-ins in the thirty minute session format for those with whom I have worked in the past and/or share ongoing relationships! If I am new to you, the full hour is best.

30 Minute Sessions

I am happy to announce that I am holding space for thirty minute versions of all formats of sessions including energy alignments, mission alignments and activations, gridwork consultation, and youth/family sessions. These 30 minute sessions are great for a person who has a very specific question, people who are working on various lightworking projects, teammates, and past students or clients. If we are connecting for the very first time, an hour long session is quite possibly merited, but this is not always the case.


These sessions are available for $77-88 CAD pay with a sliding scale rate based on the pay what you can principle.

Payment and  Connection

All sessions take place on a video calling program called 'Zoom'. This is free for you to use, and requires a very small set-up procedure which can be initiated pre-call at zoom.us. I always work with video because it allows for a depth of communication that simple voice calling does not. I send clients an email containing a live link to our meeting room. At the beginning of our session, all you must do is click that link and you are in. If you have done my group calls, it is the same procedure!

If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please do so promptly and with  respect to my time. While I am always flexible in extenuating circumstances in typical cases, once we have booked your session a refund will not be issued. A reschedule will. 

Payment MUST be made prior to session and can be sent to paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow OR if you are in Canada, via email money transfer to katieindicrow@gmail.com.